Thank you for visiting my website. I am Ashley Gray, an English journalist specialising in writing about football.

I began my career as a news reporter, working for newspapers in Sheffield and Liverpool before joining the Daily Mail in 2005. I worked for the Mail until November 2011, when I left Fleet Street to take on some special projects in Latvia. I continue to write about world football, often for the Mail.

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The buys from Brazil: Manchester United’s new recruits

It was a story 13 months in the making. I visited the Desportivo Brasil academy near Sao Paulo in February 2010 and, in March 2011, I revealed that Manchester United had taken up options on five of their young talents.

Kelly Smith: How I beat drink to become England’s best player

In December 2009, the greatest women’s footballer England has produced revealed for the first time how depression and a battle with alcohol had gripped her life while suffering with serious injuries early in her incredible career.

Robinho: In Europe, the coach sends you out to run. In Brazil, I play

Following Robinho’s loan move from Manchester City to Santos in early 2010, I went to Sao Paulo to witness his spectacular debut and hear him talk about how he felt at home in the freedom of Brazilian football culture.